Google +1 buttons now available for your web site

The search giant comes out fighting with its own version of the 'Like' button

It's no secret that Google missed the boat when Facebook released it's Like button a little over a year ago. The little button is now so ubiquitous that it's the norm rather than the exception to see a blog, product or service with some kind of Facebook integration.

But what Facebook has, Google wants and after the demise of it's Buzz network, it was only a matter of time before the search kings came back fighting. In March, Google released it's +1 button to accentuate it's search results and yesterday they rolled it out for integration into 3rd party sites. That's you and me!

Here's a quick video by Google explaining the concept and what it does.

If you're interested in adding the +1 button to your own site, it's pretty straight forward. You can follow the instructions on the +1 page or you can use a 3rd party tool such as which will allow you to add a bunch of share icons within one easy to use tool.

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